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    Im trying to put the g-code into a cnc machine but it doesnt say what the dimensions of the flattercutter.stl are so I dont know what scaling I need to apply. Through some guessing from the outline I have estimated it has approximately a 46.35mm diameter.
    Do you have information on the default cutters available inside boardcad? Types? Dimensions?

    Excuse my ignorance if this is something obvious but since I don’t understand java webstart applications very well I need some help figuring it out.



    I posted that question a while ago but figure I might as well answer it for anyone who was confused like me.

    I was looking at the scaling factors in the .properties file when i asked the question cause I couldn’t find any dimensions. Once i looked through the deck cut file i found the cutter dimensions called out inside the script. It doesnt appear that the scaling settings in the properties file are used.



    go to your shapebot file, shapebot deck has the dimension of the cutter.

    you need to put your shapebot.propertie “define cutter” flatcutter.stl

    and in your :
    # Start of Cutter Creation Code
    # Create a cutter
    # Uncomment code below the cutter description to make a cutter active
    # Comment out all other cutters code below their descriptions

    #Boardcad Dedicated FlatCutter

    the dimesion (6.33)is half the radious. if ur cutter is 15mm you will put 12.5 where the 6.33 is




    I downloaded the software and it is difficult for me to use it. Of course, I am very new to this. But, the software is amazing.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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