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    Since I’m planning a shape machine, I’m trying to do the g-code.
    Before ordering the pieces I’d like to understand how to set the g-code. I did several tests but every time I try to simulate the files deck.nc and botton.nc in a simulation program files .nc ordinates in x / y / z is everything to 0. To create the files I use Bizer to g-code and when I create it in the 3D window, you see that reproduces the table. What is the difference between the card scaling and offset machine?



    I tried to click all the measurements and the windows down list in CNC windows. The gcode has generated !!!!!!!!. I tried again by changing the support mesurament and gave me back all 0 x, y, z why? What’s the matter? What steps should I follow?



    I tried several times to make the gcode of several boards with BoardCAD v3 but with windows, the file gives me all 0 x, y, z. With BoardCAD installed on ubuntu yesterday I managed to make the gcode but today I had several problems; the gcode that generates me have the deck with only the edges, can you tell me why?

    Then I do not understand the lock option: use support but do not like it gives me problems when setting height and distance of supports and why it’s no possible put same height? the figure disappears. I saw on the installation folder BoardCAD that, in the holding system folder there is also a file called AbstractBlankHoldingSystem.class why in BoardCAD CNC menu does not appear?

    I am that I did not understand how it works, or is boardcad that does not work?



    The way boardcad work, it reads the file shapebot.properties in the boardcad folder.
    You will see all the cnc setting, speed, heigh of the support, cutter,etc..

    You dont touch the other files, this is the only file that you need to change. If you run a 3 axis you will need to change thd shapebot file to read the 3 axis gcode files instead of 4 axis. I think it come set for 4 or 5 axis. These are the first line in the shapebot files.

    To set your height of the support you just need to lower your z axis all the way to the support and put that height in support1 height and support 2 height.
    For the distance it will be the same but for the x axis.
    Boardcad work yxz instead of xyz. Y is te widht, x is the lenght and z is the depth.

    For the cutter , boardcad is set to use a flatcutter. You can change the cutter to a bullnose or a disk in the 3 axis deck and bottom files. You will need to tell boardcad which cutter you used in the shapebot.properties file. Boardcad has the cutter loaded inside. You just need to tell which one you use. The bullnose2d cutter has a bug right now so i would use the bullnose.stl or flatcutter.stl

    Make sure you write everything without typo has its sensitive to capitalize letter.
    Read the boardcad book. It explain all of that. Just need to really take time to read it properly multiple times. Its all there. Just take your time and explore the shapebot file and thing will start getting simpler.

    Hope this help!



    Ok louis, do tests and let you know what happens.



    now re-try to generate gcode whit comand file/gcode/bezier to gcode and in the windows CNC General i don’t touch nothing, i open only the blank and in machine offset i set the machine parameter and in blank holding system i set the height and distance; now no have problem whit height i think because no have touch the blank holding system in general windows; but when i generate gcode make same all axix 0 x,y,z. I try to go in scaling windows and i select axix and i pushed send for everyone; i retried end now make good gcode. I think the problem is in scaling windows because you see all axis parameter is 1 but in reality is 0 and you select and change o resend the nuber 1 and work good. It’s deceives. you think that setting the shapebot file there are more options o is the same option if you find in CNC windows? I generate gcode whit bullnose cutter and work good.



    how do you know the height oof your machine if the machine is not built?

    my heigh on the Z axis is -235.50 and lenght is 613 support 1 and 1200 support 2 for a shortboard.

    center is x 464.33



    I explain to you.
    I build the machine and i know the metod i want the machine work.
    My idea is to work on blank made by myself of rectangular dimension and the teilstop is no fix but you can move back and forward and up and down, same for support 1 and 2 but i need a nose stop thats works like tailstop. Now i want try to learn only to make a gcode file and now i find the way, all work. But now my question is: whereas i calculate the max rocker i want to shape whit macine is abaout 20cm, the work space if i need to calculate is 25cm and i need to make a bullnose tip cutter 25cm long and for stay in relax, the machine need a 0-55/60cm of range z axis i think. Whit 5/10cm more and the support adjustable, I should feel comfortable.
    But the problem is another, I need to build the bullnose tip and i need to buy a good electric router.
    I hope I no find too many problems to cut this height. i don’t know, i want try. I talked whit a builder tips man and for make a tip no have problem but i need to think and try to much which model desing is best for that type of cut.
    when there will be news’ll let you know.
    for now it is only on paper, but the project is nearing completion 70%.
    and before order everything, i need to find a lab where to build it all.

    Another thing,
    it is possible make with boardcad a gcode that shape the board no in one step, but in 2 o 3 step ( speaking about the height, in more Layer).

    see you soon



    Hi Eugenio,
    Did you manage to build your machine?
    A forum member ExtremelyCassidy made an amazing video tutorial that explains everything.
    good luck with that!
    I have a self built machine which is still near completion.
    It cuts hotwire very nicely and soon when I finish the T-Bars I will cut full 3D shapes.
    But it does run very nice and smooth and when you get a hold of the g-codes it becomes fairly easy.
    If you need any help let me know.

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