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    I can’t seem to print to pdf with the hollow board sections… boardCAD just slows down and no save dialog appears. Tried with CutePDF and also pdfcreator but same with both.

    Save to XPS works though… so I’m working on finding something to convert to DXF as a workaround.

    I’ve also found the Open File dialog goes blank sometimes when I click into certain folders but what you can do there is just store files in a folder that works



    you can try with HBTM I use it in the past for my hollow wood surf




    I now prefer fixing the STL file 🙂

    – export to STL
    – meshmixer,
    -flip normals
    -select all, remesh
    -select all, analysis, inspetcor, flat fill
    Then you have a normal STL file… which can then be worked on to create plans manually :-))



    Jedail HBTM doesn’t work on my boards, probably because I like hard edge boards and it can’t calculate those tight angles. I can only get it to do very rounded edges.

    I was able to make a STL file and work on this but it’s quite slow…

    Printing to PDF doesn’t work… it only prints to A4 portrait size and chops anything beyond that even selecting different paper sizes. I believe that’s a bug with JAVA. I am going to try another JRE runtime (IBM) now to confirm that. It’s not CutePDF AFAIK because other PDF print drivers are the same. Same with AKUShaper which is also Java based.

    What I want to be able to do is use a lasercutter to cut the ribs. I did it before but now I can’t figure out how I did it…

    Print to XPS prints only one side of each rib – is that intentional?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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