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    I am using my own cutter. It’s a ball nose , 22mm dia. and about 30mm in height.
    I used solidworks to create a STL model ( ascii format) and made sure the xyz orietation is correct.

    Then modified to enable STL cutter :
    ” g.toolName = saburrcutter.STL ”

    Then modified and to enable STL cutter:

    # Create a cutter


    I made the first cut on the deck then flipped the board and cut the bottom.
    the deck side outline was cut too narrow and the bottom was OK so there was a step on the rail.
    The offset is exactly the radius of my cutter, this educates me that boardcad did not take my cutter diameter into considaration and generated the deck gcode as if the cutter was 0 diameter.
    the bottom was ok…. I dont know why the difference and how to solve it.
    I would greatly appriciate any help,
    since this forum is at times kinda sleepy ,
    If somone here want and can help, you could also contact me at




    can you post photos / screenshots of the blank / tool path and your .stl file?



    Hi Pete,
    Unfortunately I Deleted all the non relevant files.
    The problem was solved.
    I followed ExtremelyCasidy’s Video and created my cutter in Fusion 360 and checked orientation in Meshmixer.
    Now it is clear that the toolpath is offset outside of the outline.
    and by checking the widest point on the Gcode it is clear that the tool diameter was taken into consideration.

    Still haven’t figured why the “solidworks cutter” didn’t work but I will leave it for now.

    I created a Facebook group for us so it will be much easier and quicker to share realtime photos / videos etc.

    group name: Surfboard Shaping CNC

    check the link bellow:

    it is not intended to bypass this forum but to create a better communication between the users which may lead to a better development which later can result in more precise knowledge here.



    I dont think the surface normals matter for the offsetting algorithm it just looks at the distance between every node in the tool mesh and offsets the tool origin so the node which interferes the most with the normal plan of the board is touching the cutting point. Its probably irrelevant if you have now solved the problem.

    Facebook all the way, no one seems to look at this forum much any more



    Problem solved:

    STL cutter created again using Autodesk Fusion360.
    Checked for correct cutter orientation in Meshmixer against boardcad’s bullnose cutter.

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